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John Uldrich, Candidate for President/CiC is a published author. This background appears on the back cover of his print & e-book output.

Born in Grand Rapids, Minnesota in 1936, he is a 1960 graduate of St. John’s University, Collegeville MN. with a degree in Political Science, minors in English and Psychology. In the mid-1990’s he completed the course work for a Master’s Degree in Asian Studies at the University of Pittsburg and the Ridgway Institute for International Security Issues, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The language requirement remains unfulfilled – a four and half-year tour in China interrupted . . .

His background covers a wide span of “Life Experiences” . . .

In 1953-54, prior to the end of the Korean War, he was a member of “Colonel Rossberg’s’ Teen-Age Raiders”. . . .fill-in high school kids for the 34th Division called up for the end of that conflict. At the Minnesota National Guard Camp, Camp Ripley, MN, he fired his first bazooka, learned to drive an M34 Tank and was a fire spotter in the L-7 aircraft. It was at Camp Ripley that he first met General Mark W. Clark of WWII fame – he later became a director for John’s company.

At nineteen, he traveled extensively throughout Europe and worked his way home as a “decksgutt” on a Norwegian tanker – becoming “Helmsgutt” by journey’s end. At the eastern end of the voyage of the MT Julien, Batumi, Russia he made his first move at covert intelligence gathering – getting pictures of the then new MIG-17 fighter for Naval Intelligence. Earlier, he was involved in an abortive attempt to spirit a ‘person-of-interest’ out of then, Yugoslavia. These missions were in the nascent period of the CIA – transforming from the OSS of WWII fame.

Enlisting in the Marine Corps, 1956 as a “Gold Wing” candidate, he served two years with the Third Marine Air Wing, MCAS El Toro, California as a prison-chaser and air courier. He served an additional four years in the Ready Reserve and Stand-by-Reserve.

Raised in Little Falls, MN home of the famed aviator, Charles Lindbergh, his first flying lesson was in a J3 Cub. Today, he holds a Commercial Rating with instrument, multi-engine, seaplane, sailplane and helicopter ratings and hopes to achieve a hot air balloon rating (if time permits).

Co-founder and CEO of Vexilar Inc., a high-tech sonar development firm in the 1960-80 era, he was elected to the original Fishing Hall of Fame and continues to fish and hunt around the globe.

A Civil War non-fiction work by John, “Belle Isle: Gateway to Andersonville” will be published by Praetorian Gate Press shortly. A World War I aviation project is also underway.

John has four children by his first wife and an adopted son from his second.

Credentials include; Chair, American Educators Committee – Greater Shanghai, Secretary-General, International Enterprise & Educator’s Forum and Country Director, Association for International Business (AIB).

He is a founding member of the Shanghai International Chef’s Association, and a member of the Chaine des Rôtisseurs and Order Mondial des Gourmets Degustateurs-International – Shanghai . . . an international wine & cuisine organization and is author of six cookbooks in various fields.

He is a member of the Minneapolis Club and serves on the Rod & Gun Club Committee.

He ran for U.S. Senate in Minnesota in 2006 and the Minnesota Gubernatorial Race in 2010.

He spends time in Minneapolis, Laguna Beach, Plano Texas, working on a fourth novel in the Quinn Series and researching two military murder cases. He is also active as a co-founder of “Team El Toro” an ad hoc, pro bono team of veterans helping other veterans nation-wide who were exposed to Trichloroethylene and other Volatile Organic Chemicals during their service careers (MCAS El Toro, now closed, was such a Superfund Site).

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